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The COVID-19 Caregiver Cockpit inside of CANKADO is made for healthcare professionals caring for COVID-19 patients. It is designed to track body temperature and oxygen saturation from patients who are not connected to a control center and who can use their smartphone. The tool can be used for in- and outpatients. ‘COVID-19 Caregiver Cockpit’ is a registered medical device in the European Union and compliant with the US-FDA requirements for mobile medical devices. The current version is available in English, Italian, Spanish, and German. Further languages will be made available as soon as possible.

As CANKADO is a mobile medical device, physicians using CANKADO must be verified. But because of the urgency of the situation, we have simplified our validation process. Just register with an email address that is listed on your hospital homepage. We will immediately crosscheck and activate your account. If you don’t have the time to register, send an email to, and we will do the registration. Once registered, we will provide you with all the information for use and will stay on your side with our support.

You can also help us to improve our service. Please send us your suggestions for needed features or further ideas on how to improve the COVID-19 Caregiver Cockpit. We want to do our level best to assist you as well as possible. 

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Cankado for Routine Applications

Cankado supplements clinical care. Treatments gain efficacy with dynamic patient monitoring. Tailored patient support means optimized patient care. Our team has worked on automated algorithms to deal with complicated conditions arising out of particular health conditions. Analyzing and tracking symptoms with Cankado means improved patient safety, improved quality of life and an improved treatment outcome.





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Cankado in Medical Research

CANKADO is the bridge between researchers and real-world. Modern medical research needs real-world data. Only in this way can innovative therapeutic strategies be further developed and validated. Cankado is a unique platform for routine care, clinical trials, and real-world registers at a single place. And this while ensuring full patient privacy protection and data handling compliant with ICH GCP E6(R2). 


Clinical Trials​​​


Real World Evidence​

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Drug Tailored Support Program

Cankado provides drug tailored support programs which encapsulate the treatment regiments as needed and guide through the treatment phase with drug specific information material and behavioral recommendations. They enable an easy start and monitoring of the patients’ treatment phase.

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CANKADO is approved as an active Class I medical device within the European Union (registration number DE/CA59/11976/2017) and is compliant with the FDA classification for Mobile Medical Devices (2015) Appendix B.


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