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Cankado will help you to make your own contribution to your care and at the same time, you will stay connected with your care team.

Know How to Behave

Cankado PRO-React is a unique solution which not only records your observations. It also gives active behavior recommendations based on your documentation.


Real Time Synchronization

Report your health status from anywhere and any device, we synchronize it in real time. Our team cares for the security and safety of all operations around the clock.


Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

Cankado provides an inbuilt drug intake reminder and allows to review the treatment history. Also, complex treatment rhythms are supported and can easily be predefined with alternating intake days or weeks.


Digital Solutions for Patients

Explore what Cankado has to offer as health care services.

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CANKADO is approved as an active Class I medical device within the European Union (registration number DE / CA59 / 11976/2017) and is compliant with the FDA classification for Mobile Medical Devices (2015) Appendix B.